Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween Prep

I am getting so excited about Halloween. I am always so refreshed when Fall finally hits (sometimes on the calendar way before the weather) because I can finally put out new decorations. I put out my Fall/Halloween Decorations right after Labor Day. All Summer pretty much the only decorations are Red, White & Blue, and that is not much to look at for 4 months or so. I have tons of decorations, my favorite of course are my Heartwood Creek. It was so exciting this year to put them out because I had two new decorations to put out for Halloween, that I totally forgot about. It was almost like opening Christmas presents!

This year I am also doing something for the first time. I am making the kids Halloween costumes! I don't know what possessed me to do it, but it has actually been pretty fun. SD is going to be Cinderella and I got her costume almost finished when my mom was here. I am so glad that I did it when she was here, because she helped me understand the directions and do the stuff that I didn't know how to do! But I have put off Linus' until this week! I started it on Saturday, cutting out the pattern and then started sewing on Sunday. I am pretty close to done, but have to finish the hat, and since he is going to be a mouse, it is a pretty important part of the costume!

What is your favorite part about Fall?

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JMP said...

The costumes sound really cute. Surely you will post pictures of your handiwork! Gotta say my favorite thing about fall is all the colors - trees changing, pumpkins, everything!