Friday, January 9, 2009

Skirt Day

Today is unofficial skirt day at my office. I know, some of you are thinking this is crazy, after all, it is casual Friday! Let me explain, I work for a technology company and every day is casual day. Case in point, our CEO and CFO today for our monthly meeting, had on jeans, that is how casual it is! I love this about my job, it seems like such a little thing to do and it doesn't cost the company any money to do it. The hard part for me is that I have always worked in corporate america, so I am having to spend the money to get more casual clothes. I have never owned this many pairs of jeans in my life! So how did this come about, well, our HR director sent an email to all the girls announcing it. Again, some explanation needed, we are a company of about 65 people, only 10-15 of which are female. We have a tight knit little group of girls, we go to lunch occasionally and do a Bible Study. Not everyone participated, but we had a good turnout. The fun thing is, it totally takes the men in our office by surprise. It is fun to dress girly every once in a while, although I will quickly change to jeans when I get home tonight! My only complaint, the weather is too nice. Again, explanation needed... I would prefer to wear a skirt or dress when it is really warm (sleeveless with sandals) or really cold, with a sweater and ho-boots. Today, it is a beautiful 75 degrees in the great state, but my inner-Kappa just won't let me wear sandals, after all, it is after Labor Day and before Easter! While I have softened considerably on this rule, I just can't do it to work in January, there is just something that won't let me. Now, will I go home and put on flip flops, absolutely!

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Loni said...

We are very casual as well. I think it would be fun to have a skirt day. Maybe we'll consider it in the spring when we can wear flip flops!