Thursday, February 12, 2009

3 Recipes

Although I don't cook on a normal basis, I do collect recipes. I get them from all sorts of places, magazines, blogs, the paper, the Kraft Food and Family Magazine....

So right now, I have a huge stack of them that I need to do something with. We have an awesome recipe software on our computer that we got as a wedding present and that is where we store all of our recipes! For two very non-technology oriented people, it is amazing that our recipe-box is electronic! The cool thing about the software is that you can type in some ingredients that you have and it will pull up recipes that have them and then can create a grocery list for you. So, I need to get these recipes in the software, but the pile is daunting!

So, my to put in 3 recipes a night until I am finished. Not only do I have a huge pile of recent recipes, but I have folders of recipes from years and years. And I have my actual recipe box from my college days to get in there as well. It sure will be nice when it is all done and I reclaim some serious file drawer space!

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Just Jackie said...

What's the name of that computer program?