Monday, February 16, 2009

A Chopper for Linus

As you know, SD has a Barbie Jeep! Well, the god of motorized children's toys is smiling on us, once again. Last night, BG had to run to Home Depot to get a part to continue fixing our sink, and on the way home, he went through the neighborhood, instead of the main streets. When he got home, he told me to come out and look in his truck. Low and behold, there was a Motorcycle! Someone had put it out for their trash, and one man's trash is going to be a little boy's treasure! It is in great condition, better than the Barbie Jeep and even had the charger in the saddle bag! BG charged it overnight and was going to see if it works later today. If not, hopefully it is just a new battery or something that BG can fix! I can already see the fun and craziness in our backyard next summer when the kids are playing with them!

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