Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Why is Linus' Water Dirty

So yesterday afternoon, we decided to get out the kids' pool and let them swim. I got it all set up before their nap so that it would be warm when they got up. The kids love their pool and can spend hours in it! As they were playing, I sat on a towel in my bathing suit reading some really exciting accounting stuff! I just sat there and watched while they "swam" since the water totally freaks me out with kids. (On a side note, Linus has fallen over twice in the bathtub, and was underwater and I was just turning around to get a towel for him!! Scary!!!)

The kids were having a blast and then BG came out and asked, "Why is his water dirty?" You see, our pool has two separate pools, one that is deeper than the other one and then the shallow one has a slide. So, Linus is in the shallow one (furthest from where I was sitting, but closest to the door) and SD was in the deep one. Turns out, the little guy had poo-ed in the pool!!! Nice!! It was so disgusting and we had to whisk him out, empty his swimsuit and then clean up the pool! Not to mention putting the kids straight in the tub!

We are officially parents!!

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