Monday, August 24, 2009

Car Trips

We just recently went on vacation to the beach in Port Aransas. The car trip was broken up by a night stay at my parent's house in San Antonio. The great thing about car trips is that it gives me a chance to catch up on my magazines. I don't "take" (as my MIL says) too many magazines, but I also don't have that much free time that I dedicate to reading them, so they tend to stack up quickly. I have two scrapbooking magazines and a parenting magazine that I get each month. I usually devour the scrapbook magazines if I can, but the parenting one usually gets put in a pile. I can fortunately read in the car and it doesn't make me sick, so the car is a great place to catch up on my reading, since it doesn't require a whole lot of equipment or stuff, and it is safe to do in the car.

The thing with my magazines, is that I don't just read them. I pull stuff out with intent to file and use it at some later time. The problem is my lack of follow-thru. I don't often refer to them for the great ideas. It is not intentional, I just forget about it. I have notebooks full of ideas, for crafts to make, gardening ideas and I won't even tell you the amount of recipes that I need to put into our recipe software. The only magazines that I have actually used after the fact is my scrapbook ideas, but even then, I have only used a couple.

Maybe my goal over the Christmas Holidays should be to clean out all that stuff! Or, I guess I could make it a resolution next year to actually take advantage of some of that stuff!

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