Thursday, August 20, 2009

No More Excuses

Two weeks ago I was really tired on Friday. I had started bootcamp and had run on Monday and Wednesday, so I figured I had earned a break on Friday. SD had other plans though. As I was doing my Bible Study, she came to me and asked if we could go running. I told her we could, but Mommy needed to finish her Bible Study, she sat there so quietly and patiently waiting for me to finish. As soon as I closed my Bible, she hopped up and asked if it was time to go. I had already gotten her dressed and she had picked out her Nike's to wear. So as I went to change my clothes and put on my running shoes, she went to get "ready" as well. As I came out of our room, there I saw my little running buddy, complete with a baby in her baby stroller. I guess that I wasn't actually going to get a run in that morning, because SD wanted to "run" with her baby! So, I plopped Linus in the Flinstone Car and out we went. It was so cute to see her actually running while pushing her baby. I don't know what I loved more about that morning, the time we got to spend together, the fact that she wanted to go running, or her encouragement to get me out the door! Truly a cherished morning. I don't have pics of the actual event, but here is a picture of her pushing her baby on a run!