Monday, August 2, 2010

Menonite Mama

We went to the zoo over July 4th weekend, because we had a free Monday and we have passes.  It was so fun to just decide that morning to go and then make it happen.  While we were there I saw a cute family that I can only assume was a Menonite Family or something of that sort.  The girls were all dressed in long skirts and hair was long, but neatly tied back in braids or a bun.  The mom was carrying the baby, who was probably about 4 months old and wearing a bonnet.  The two older girls were sweet looking as all get out and held hands as they walked through the zoo with their Dad.  One thing that really struck me about this woman was the look of peace on this woman's face.  Not only that, but her children were very well behaved and it looked like the knew how they should act and were acting this way.  It reminded me of my neighbor, I just recently took her food because she had just had her 7th, yes 7th baby.  They are a totally normal family and go to the local baptist church down the street.  When I was over there, all 6 of her older children were helping each other out, not fighting and she didn't look stressed or overwhelmed at all. 

I wonder what it is about these women that make them that kind of mom, because that is the kind of mom that I want to be.  I want my kids to be well behaved, but me not be at my whit's end trying to make them that way.  I want my kids to be best friends, and not competing against each other for my attention.  I would like to believe that what helps them be that way is their morning quiet time with God and a sense of peace that He gives them to start their day.  Don't get me wrong, I am sure these women lose their cool at some point, and their kids aren't always perfect and well behaved.  But you can just tell that there is something different. 

I am trying to spend my quiet time in a very purposeful manner and not just do it to check it off my list for the day like a Pharisee.  I am trying to not get worked up when my kids make a mess, or don't take a nap.  I am trying to go with the flow more and not be so uptight and worried about everything being perfect!  But that is a big mountain to climb!

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Just Jackie said...

I can totally identify with you here on the breathing and being patient exercise. I find myself pulled in several ways at the same time by both my children, and it's frustrating on so many levels.

If you figure out how to raise kids that don't compete for your attention, please let me know your secret. :) I'm willing to pay. hahaha

Hang in there. You're strong and well equipped. The Mantra I use that I'll share with you is: Trust the process. God equips, even though we don't feel it at times.