Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Answered Prayer - Friends

I have really been praying about my friends lately.  Since we moved over 3 years ago now, I just haven't found the friends that I had at our old house.  I was talking with BG about it and he has a theory it is because we are not far enough away to be forced to make as many new friends as we would if we had moved to Colorado or something.  The other thing that makes it more complicated is that these people were our friends before we had kids, so we had less distracting us.  I have friends at work, which is great and some friends at church, but nothing like what we had before.  The cool thing is, like BG said, we didn't move that far away, so I still get to see them on a somewhat regular basis.

I have also been really praying about my friendships, that God will take people out of my life that I don't need to be friends with.  I am now realizing that He has been doing that, slowly, which has eased the pain.  I think it has been happening over a couple of years now little by little.  At first I was a little hurt by some of these actions, then I realized it was God taking people out of my life that didn't really need to be part of it daily.  The nice thing is, these people are still my friends, but our relationships have just changed, and that is okay!  Sometimes friends are there for a lifetime, sometimes only a season, but each has its purpose and deposits something in your life, and you in theirs!

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