Friday, August 6, 2010

Run Forest, Run

BG went on a run over the 4th of July weekend.  He always goes when it is so hot outside, I don't see how he does it.  Anyway, this particular run happened actually on the 4th fairly early in the day and when he got back, he had a whopper of a story for me.

Turns out, his route goes by the park in our neighborhood.  As he was entering the park to go on the trails, there was a man sitting on the curb that looked a little out of sorts.  BG started asking the man if he needed help.  About that time a lady who was standing by her car told him "No, he is just drunk!"  I guess that she was his wife or something and he had partied a little too much the night before and was about 15 sheets by this time!  The guy went on to mention that he had only had 3!  Not 3 beers, but 3 cases!!!  That is a LOT of beer!  The lady got so aggitated by this point that she just drove off because he wouldn't get in the car.

BG continued on his run, but decided he would run back by there just in case the man was still there and needed help.  When he ran back by he was gone, so I guess he decided to get in his old lady's car and go home to sober up!

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